This is Tinghof’s Kennel

The kennel’s name “Tinghofs” comes from the farm Tingmöllan in Skåne, where Tore lived at the time of the application for the kennel name. Hof – means farm in german. The breed was the doberman.

From the beginning, Tore was alone in Tinghof’s kennel until 1988 did Beatrice come into the picture. She had “Ceerenas kennel”, breeding of dobermans in Vallentuna just north of Stockholm. Tore and Beatrice met thanks to their dobermann. The years have been filled with just dobermans and dog activities.

Over the years, they have had great exchange with other european leathers long before the borders were opened. Started with Denmark and Germany but since had most cooperation and exchange with Netherlands. For many years they had a good cooperation with the Koen Kiewiet – “Kennel Kunnemaborgh”. Unfortunately he passed away too early, aged 46 in 1991. The collaboration continued with another dutchman, Jaap van Gelder – “Kennel Wantij”. He helped a lot in getting started with ztp and ipo – training, as well as cooperation with breeding. They arranged courses together with Jaap and his skilled partners, mainly for their puppy buyers but also other enthusiasts welcome. They had awesome fun together with their 4-legged friends. The friendship and collaboration with Jaap still continues today.

When the “dutch” were not here and had courses they organized tracking, obedience, guarding and puppy courses themselves. They had the help of skilled instructors.

There have been many, many exhibitions over the years. Often together with puppy buyers. Sometimes you have won and sometimes it has went less well, but they have had fun. On the history – page you can read about some results.

Tinghof’s last doberman litter was born in 2003.

Since 1997 they breed mini schnauzers. A compassionate and easily learned breed, not as stubborn as the doberman but just as fun to keep up with.

Today they are putting their energy on the big dog in a small format —the dwarf schnauzer.

They started with black/silver and then moved to all black. 2012 a new black/silver entered the kennel

“Djakarta’s coconut girl” so they return to black/silver again. But the blacks will probably be the favorites and the main color in the kennel.

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